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Littlest Wolf

We are a family breeder with two beloved purebred Japanese Spitz dogs Nanook and Yuki. We have recently welcomed into the world four of their puppies and are ready to connect with their new owners.

 Littlest Wolf is registered and approved by the RPBA and both our parent dogs have been DNA tested with a full health record available, as well as DNA certification of their breed status. We believe the health, temperament, and life experiences of our parent dogs are integral to the health of their puppies, so why not get to know them a little here!

Nanook and Yuki

Nanook is our Mother and Yuki our Father. Both are purebred Japanese Spitz's.

Nanook is 4 years of age, and Yuki is a sprightly 2.  They both share our home and spend every day together.

Nanook                                              Yuki

Nanook is an intuitive, abundantly affectionate, and deeply loyal dog. She has been with us from 8 weeks of age and enjoyed puppyhood on an apple orchard beside the sea. She has always played in the water and jumped in at an early age. She is adventurous, and confident, and loves to sit outdoors when the moon is full. As a first-time mother, she has been highly protective of and dedicated to her little ones. You can view her puppyhood slideshow below to get a feel for how your puppy might look.

Included below are certified documents regarding her genetic ancestry, pedigree, and health status. Nanook has had over 200 genetic conditions tested including those particular to her breed. These tests have only identified one gene which predisposes her to a low coagulatory response, something to consider should she be bleeding heavily. Other than this, her health record is completely clear. She also scores unusually high on the wolfiness rating meaning she is quite rare in her inheritance of ancient wolfy genes!

Find out more by clicking below.



Yuki 1.jpg

Yuki is a loving, playful and relaxed young adult dog who has been a magical addition to our family. Many of his behaviours echo those of Nanook's, reflecting consistency in the temperament of this breed. Yuki has also had a full health check, and pure bred pedigree status can be confirmed. You can view these by clicking below.

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